Leisure Equipment for hire

Leisure Equipment for hire

Laser Clay-pigeon shooting

Lasersport clay pigeon shooting is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. The players use a modified shotgun to fire an infra-red beam at the clays.

Hire Gladiator Fighting

Gladiator Fighting

The object of the game is that 2 opponents stand on podiums facing each other with the intention of one of them knocking the other off using poles.

Hire Bouncy Boxing

Bouncy Boxing

15` SQUARE Inflatable Boxing Ring with a bouncy bed. Used with ginormous boxing gloves. Good fun for participants and spectators. Suitable for ages 10 years to adult.

Sumo Wrestling Hire

Sumo Wrestling

The object of the game is to push your opponent out of the circular ring.

For Hire 9 Pin Skittles

9 Pin Skittles

We can supply the portable 40′ skittles alley complete.

Surfing Simulator For Hire

Surfing Simulator

Ride the waves on this simulator. 16 feet square, complete with palm trees.

Archery For Hire


An old classic, see if you can hit the bullseye!

Bungee Run For Hire

Bungee Run

Two lane to enable 2 competitors to compete against each other at the same time. The object is to see how far you can run before the bungee spring pulls you back.

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