Useful Information on How To Run A Fun Casino
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The two most popular fun prize casino games worldwide are blackjack and roulette, the rules are fairly simple (in fact Roulette, we think is very easy to play and our favourite) and the games are fast and great fun. Your fun prize casino will be best received if it includes at least one of each of them.

At your fun casino evening each guest receives an agreed amount of fun money, if you are fund raising the fun money should be sold at an exchange rate (perhaps £10 of fun money for £5 real cash). Also if your event is a fundraising event make sure you cover the basic cost of your fun casino from the sale of tickets, as you would with a band or a disco. This then ensures that all proceeds from the sale of fun money go to the charity or association.

The fun casino tables are opened for play and fun money is exchanged at the casino tables for chips, and the fun and winning commences!! All of the fun casino tables are staffed with professional croupiers so the whole evening will be organised and run for you.

Your tables should be open for between two and three hours and either start your fun casino after your meal or break for everyone to eat! Even “FUN GAMBLING” is very addictive and you do not want anyone to miss out on dinner.

The action will really hot up towards closing time as people try to get among the prize-winners, so allow fifteen minutes or so to count up and compile the list of prize-winners.

Prizes can and do vary from a bottle of bubbly to a trip around the world and can be presented to the “best” or “worst” gamblers. If you are fund raising, a selection of prizes, well publicised, will always improve the take! (Often businesses may be interested in donating items).

For more information on fun prize casinos either fundraisers or just for fun please contact us here at the office we will be happy to help.

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