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Music for Your Wedding

Entire Occasions Entertainment provides the most talented and experienced bands and musicians available for your wedding. Music is very important for creating the mood. A classical quartet will sweeten your ceremony…a jazz trio can set the mood during the cocktail hour… and the reception band and / or Disco can make your special night truly unforgettable.

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Beyond excellence in music and service

Your wedding music will be the soundtrack to one of the most important days of your life. That’s why Zoë Ball, Natasha Kapinski (to name a few) have hired Entire Occasions Entertainment. They know that working with our professional team will guarantee an extraordinary, seamless and joyful experience.

Performance expertise

From Swing, Classic Rock, Jazz, Soul, Motown, R&B, Latin, 80’s and Top 40, to Caribbean, Classical, Opera, Gospel and more – Entire Occasions bands and ensembles can deliver any style of music for your ceremony, cocktail hour or reception. Every group is self contained, never thrown together. Our bandleaders excel in personality, experience and showmanship; and our musicians and singers always give consistent crowd-pleasing performances.

Initial consultation

Our Entire Occasions consultant will listen carefully to your requests and after a detailed discussion offer guidance as to the type of musical entertainment you’re looking for. Where available sound samples, profiles, pictures, and playlists will be provided of top bands and artistes to assist your choice of performers that best suit your tastes and needs. Once you have selected your band, we will help customize a timeline, help with song selections and assist with any other special requests you may have.

Continuous support

Outstanding music is only a part of what Entire Occasions have to offer.

“Our team is completely service oriented. Our client’s needs are foremost in our minds and our goal is to help them create an absolutely memorable event”.

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